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DVD x copy

DVD x copy

Copy DVD To DVD by Jimmy Sturo

A DVD is normally protected by a code called the CSS encryption. However, the code has been cracked and can be circumvented by numerous software applications. Most of these applications are based on the DeCss software that is illegal in many countries. Removing the protection and getting the movie stored in a hard drive is usually called ripping. Presently, there are many applications available on the market that can successfully rip and burn (copy) a DVD. Splitting and shrinking are the two other options.

Shrinking data is perhaps the most widely used alternative. There are many software programs that can compress data from the original DVD and fit it into a DVD recordable. They are also known as transcoders, encoders or compressor engines. This software can compress data in a way that makes it impossible to decipher whether the DVD copy is actually, a replica or the original. Movie compression is an arduous task for the average PC. With a standard system, compression can take about two hours.

There are other software programs capable of splitting a DVD movie into two or more discs. The disadvantage with these methods is that the user has to continuously change discs while viewing a movie. It is essential to know if the DVD player can play the copied DVD, and whether the DVD is recorded on DVD-R (W) or DVD+R (W) media. A normal home user can create DVD back up in this manner. However, for the advanced user, it is better to research information on the subject and by the best software available.

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DVD x copy

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